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Board of Directors:

We always welcome additions! Reach out if you are interested in our mission!


Tina McGlynn - President

Tina has a background in  Accounting, HR, IT training and Business Management. She has a BAS degree in Management & Organizational Leadership and an MBA. Originally from New York, Tina resides in the Tampa Bay area with her husband. After a management career in the Wholesale Construction Supply area, Tina became self employed as a business consultant in 2010.

Watching a family member struggle with substance abuse  was devastating for Tina. After going through the range of emotions and periods of enabling her loved one - Tina set out on a mission to truly understand why some people get overwhelmed by Mental Health challenges. After a conversation with Sharon in October 2017 - the idea of CATE was formed.


Tina is dedicated to the mission of - better treatment can mean a better outcome! She is also a champion to those who truly want to overcome their challenges. She is known as a problem solver in her career and in her social circle and she LOVES to help people thrive!


Sharon pic.jpg

Sharon IaFelice - Vice President

Sharon is originally from Ohio and is an avid Ohio State University fan. Her family moved to Apollo Beach 6 years ago in search of sunshine and healthy living. Her daughter, who was in medical school at the time of their move, is now practicing medicine in Chicago, but loves to visit her family in Florida.
Sharon holds an undergraduate degree in accounting, an M.B.A., and a law degree. She is presently happily retired, after having spent her career in accounting, law, and human resource management.
Although Sharon’s business background has nothing to do with addiction, she has experienced addiction through a loved one whom she tried to save. During that journey, she spent a great deal of time educating herself on addiction, attending recovery sessions at both residential and nonresidential treatment facilities, and participating in many brainstorming sessions on possible solutions to the opioid crisis.
She believes that several strategies can be used to solve the addiction crisis. Among these are convincing people that drugs cause addiction, emphasizing prevention – meaning avoiding substance use altogether, and expanding the drug treatment industry and addiction support groups. She adheres to the belief that addiction changes the circuitry in the brain. It affects one’s ability to make decisions, and changes your reward system and your stress responses. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain.
Her goal is to help and support those people who are suffering from this insidious disease, and prevent people from ever going down this dangerous path.


Joe Fattori - LMHC, MCAP

Joe is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Master’s Certified Addiction Professional.  He has master’s degree in counseling of co-occurring disorders. Joe currently owns Sunshine Counseling Group and is contracted with several on-line platforms providing individual and relationship counseling. He currently works with the adult population and teens.


Originally from Chicago, Joe now lives in Apollo Beach, Florida.  He’s worked for several agencies in the Tampa Bay Area.  A long history of working with the indigent population and ex-offenders.  Joe started as a Resident Care Coordinator at a transitional living facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He eventually became the program coordinator helping develop day and evening treatment programs.  He then became a residential counselor at one of Tampa’s largest behavioral health agencies.  Through his time there he revised the family program for the loved ones of those in treatment.  Joe was promoted to counselor supervisor, providing supervision to 10 residential counselors.  A short time later he was elevated to Program Manager.  Here he oversaw the day to day clinical and facility operations. Through his time, he overhauled the group curriculum to put a focus on more evidenced based practices and the incorporation of a person centered model. He then moved on to working with children and families in contract role for another agency in Tampa.  Here he worked with the foster care system and provided support to foster families.


Joe has a passion for working with the communities he lives in.  This led him to joining the board of the CATE foundation.  He believes in the importance that everyone deserves care and support which is directly in line with the mission and values of CATE Foundation.

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Kerin Turner

Kerin is a registered nurse who has seen the best and the worst in people at one of the most stressful times in their lives. She sees this organization as an opportunity for her to show her 9-year-old son that people get into situations they desperately want to escape, but to do that, they need help.

As a regional vice president for a national hospital staffing agency, she is in a position to know the needs of patients and staff, and she helps answer the call for both.

She grew up in Proctorville, Ohio.  It is a tiny town on the Ohio/West Virginia border. You may have heard of it because the surrounding area has one of the highest opioid addiction rates in the country. A fellow classmate recognized the need for newborns born with addictions and she founded a nationally recognized treatment center, which provides care for these innocent victims of this drug crisis.

Her life has always been focused on health care; She is the youngest graduate (19 years old) of the nursing school at St. Mary’s in Huntington, WV. She has owned her own hospital staffing agency, and early in her career, she spent many fulfilling years living the nomadic life of a traveling nurse.

She has lived in Apollo Beach for almost four years, and in the Tampa Bay area for five, moving from New Orleans after Katrina to be closer to her family and to raise her son to be a man who displays kindness and empathy to everyone he meets. She looks forward to helping the CATE Foundation connect with those who need help to get their life back on track by providing the necessary resources to help them succeed. 


Christine Nargi

In July 2013 Christine and her husband, Tim moved to Apollo Beach, Florida after living in Northern Virginia. Although she does not really have a hometown, she was born in Connecticut, which is where she met and later married, her high school sweetheart.  Christine and Tim have 2 grown children, a daughter-in-law and an almost 4-year-old grandson.  Growing up an only child in an addict filled home, Christine has seen all too often the effects that substance abuse has on families.  From an early age, Christine suffered the consequences from the abuser which led her down a path to helping others. Christine’s estranged father took his own life after a lifetime struggle with drugs, alcohol and other addictions and left a void of pain and anger.  Coming from an addicted household and the generational curse of addiction, Christine made sure that her children were aware of the dangers and struggles of addiction and was honest with them about her life. 

 While Christine did not have a specific career, she has made her life’s work a plethora of experiences and jobs that has led her to the CATE Foundation.  She has worked with Law Enforcement, has 2 degrees in Criminal Justice and a master’s in psychology with a minor in Behavioral Health. Christine utilizes these skills in her everyday life.  Christine has just added Real Estate Broker to her talents to help others. 

While living in Apollo Beach, Christine has made it her mission to build friendships and relationships and to help those around her. Christine is very involved in her community and is interested in helping those who want to be in recovery.  The CATE Foundation is grateful to have Christine part of our leadership team as our Community Liaison.

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